Web site Design Management Services North Buckhead Dunwoody Atlanta, GA

What does WebMasters Atlanta do?
WebMasters Atlanta provides website maintenance, updates and design for all sizes of businesses. Just a fixed monthly rate plan, and submit update requests forms.

How is WebMasters Atlanta different?
We focus on providing long term support for our client’s business. We are a full web site management company, we means that well only support Webmaster, Website Management, and Website Maintenance. We provide automated change requests, easy workflow, affordable pricing model, communication by email, and additional support. We update website everyday.

Our Pricing

By offering our services at a fixed monthly rate, we remove these hassles and expenses thus allowing clients to budget for the expense.

What is an Update Request?
We use an Update Request form to send a client’s content changes. This is design for anything that is not design or programming. An example is a request is adding or removing pages, text, photos, videos, links, forms or documents provided by client.

All update must be sent to us all at once- as in a single call, email, fax, or Update Request Form submitted through LFWebMasters.com.

An email requesting for changes to a site can have up to 5 unique changes such as text, attachments and any additional requests to make changes on a site. For example, you can ask us to add a new page, edit 3 other pages, and upload 5 new images.

If update is perform and you we’ve made a mistake or misunderstood, errors will be fixed immediately as part of the same update.

Advance Update Request

We consider Advance Update Request (AUR) requests as patches, security updates, design or programming. This is to be considered as altering the “look and feel” of a site.
Understanding AUR
Artwork or custom graphics
Add new pages
Adding a blog
New module
Adding or updating shopping cart, etc.

Manage CMS (such as WordPress, Drupal etc) needs security patches or functional updates

We happily provide this service to existing clients at $30 per update or patch. Full version upgrades (ie upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7) are quoted and performed at our hourly rate.

Decisions concerning updates, and whether or not they consist of design or programming work, will be made on a case by case basis.

What information will you need to update my web site?
For basic html sites, Provide the FTP username and password.
For content management system (CMS) just need a link, username and password.
To provide complete backups for your site and we will need access to the site’s database

The easiest way to do this is to provide us access to your web host’s “Control Panel.”

Why do I have to send my update in a single communication?
Once client’s update is receive, it is entered into our system and assigned to one webmaster. If we get another update in 20mins, work may have already begun, which makes it difficult to track and compare updates. We consider a second client’s email to be a second update.

What if I have the Basic Maintenance or Pro Maintenance Plan and need an additional update during the month? When this happens we will contact client before making changes. Additional updates are $30. Upgrading a plan to Pro or VIP Maintenance plan is the best option.

Approval Process

How do I request the approval?
If you are requesting an update through the Update Request or Advance Update Request form your account will have the name of the Update request simply check “Approval Requested”. If update request by email, fax, or phone client must indicate that requesting an approval, is just send an email with “Approval Requested” or “I want to approve these changes before going live” or put “Approval Requested” in the subject line of your email.

Once approval then page goes live.

How does the approval process work?
Once updates are completed, client will receive an email that WebMasters Atlanta is waiting for approval. Then login to your account on this site, and click the link shown under “Waiting for Approval.” If the site/pages were what you were expecting, click “I Approve” and we’ll post the update live.

After the first update or two, many of our clients abandon the approval process altogether for the speed and simplicity of having a single email get their site updated.

Website Makeovers

How long does the Makeover take?
The makeover generally takes 7-14 business days. Since there is some back and forth communication with the client, and design decisions are made. Really depends on the complexity of the site makeover site and the amount of information that needs to be makeover.

What kind of sites are eligible for the Makeover?
We offer makeover plans for all dynamic sites with customer logins, shopping carts, blogs, forums, etc.

How does the Makeover work?
1. Choose your update plan, send template or need custom design needed we’ll talk
2. We’ll present you with the initial rebuild of your site (revision 1)
3. You may request design and/or content changes
4. We present you with revision 2 of your site
5. You may request design and/or content changes
6. We present you with revision 3 of your site, launch, and enjoy
7. Makeover complete

In order to keep development costs down and everyone happy, we will only provide 3 revisions of your new site, as detailed above.

Can I cancel my account?
Yes, we have no contracts, so you may cancel your account at any time. Please keep in mind that we do not offer refunds for cancellation of monthly or yearly plans.

Can I switch plans?
Absolutely. If your needs grow, simply select a larger plan, and you’ll only be charged the prorated amount for the first month. If you want to downgrade, you’ll be given credit for the unused portion of your monthly fee. We do not offer refunds for downgrades, only ‘store credit.’

Web Site Hosting
What kind of sites are eligible for Hosting?
Hosting is offered for basic html sites and simple database driven CMS sites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Windows (ASP or .NET), eCommerce sites that use an SSL certificate for $89.99 a year. If you aren’t sure what kind of site you have, please contact us and we’ll take a look.

If I host my website with WebMasters Atlanta, will I still have access to everything?
Of course. We’re not here to control anything, but to provide you with excellent service. All of your passwords and IT related details are available securely in your Account Dashboard on this site.
We’re not opposed to others working on your site while we’re providing management services. You may wish to hire a web design or SEO company to compliment our services, which is fine. We’ll coordinate our updates with them to make sure we don’t step on each others toes.

Design and Programming
Do you offer design, development, and programming services?
Yes we offer general web design and development services. Our team has an average of 7 years in the web development industry experience. We have all worked von variety of platforms, frameworks, and E-commerce site. We are masters of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, SugarCRM, Ruby on Rails and general PHP development (CakePHP and Yii).

Pricing: current webmaster service clients enjoy a discounted rate of $75/hr while our rates for the general public are $80/hr.

How it works:
1. Contact us to get an estimate on the project
2. We’ll work together on gathering requirements until we feel comfortable with the client’s business and the goals of your project
3. We deliver a project estimate
4. Upon approval and a 33% downpayment, we’ll begin on your project
5. We’ll develop a preliminary look and feel of the new site/project
6. Build out the site while gathering your feedback about the current version, billing in 16 hour increments
7. Revise the site until client is satisfied and all goals
8. Provide ongoing maintenance and support (optional)

• 33% down payment required before any work can begin
• Project cost will not exceed the estimate without prior consent of the client
• Payment to be made via credit card
• Project balance due at of project completion. 10% fee add to balance after 7 days and every 5 days.